EVP, or electronic voice phenomena, are said to be the disembodied voices from spirits, residual or intelligent. One of the only paranormal events that have been acknowledged and verified by scientists, EVP's are truly amazing. They are often grouped into three classification fields as you will see below.


CLASS A: The clearest of EVP's, class A's produce recordings of clear, multi-syllable words with a distinctive volume and level of clarity.
CLASS B: Class B EVP's contain words that can be heard without much ear strain. Also, clear and distinct moans and growls can often be included.
CLASS C: Class C's can often be indecipherable mumbling and vague moans/groans and are the hardest to make out with the naked ear.



-"Oh No" sound

-"No" sound

-"Donnie" sound

-'Help" sound

-"Get Outta Here" sound

-"They Killed Us" sound

-"Die" sound

-"Johnny Cash" sound

-"I'm Not Crazy" sound

-"Lights Camera Action" sound

-"Gette Pas/Don't Look" sound

-"Child's Laugh" sound

-"Ignore Us All" sound

-"Child Speaking" sound

-"Lauren" sound

-"Reveal Us" sound

-"Hi, Hi" sound

-"Sit Yourself Down" sound

-"Growl" sound

-"Grunt" sound

-"Help Us" sound

-"Gonna Get Ya" sound

-"You'll Pay" sound

-"No" sound

-"Walk it Out" sound

-"I Can Hear" sound

-"Sleep Tight" sound

-"I'm Still Here" sound

-"Giggle" sound

-"Guitar Strum" sound

-"You are my Sunshine" sound

-"Tell Me Your Name" sound

-"Lewis, He Raped Me" sound




-"Yes" sound

-"Help Me" sound

-"Mumble" sound

-"Killed You" sound

-"Come In" sound

-"Get Out of Here" sound

-"Time to Get Out" sound

-"Need to Go" sound

-"Warden" sound

-"Hello" sound

-"My Pleasure" sound









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