Carl Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and the father of analytical psychiatry, coined the word “synchronicity”.

Synchronicity - The experience of two or more events , that are apparently causally unrelated or unlike to occur together by chance, that are observed to occur together in a meaningful manner. This concept does not question of compete with the notion of causality. Instead, it maintains that just as events may be grouped by cause, they may also be grouped together by meaning. Since meaning is a complex mental construction, subject to both conscious and unconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation of cause and effect.

NOTE: In the paranormal, there are many experiences which are noted and observed for which the laws of science, as we know and understand them at this time, cannot explains. In EVP studies, blank and sealed cassette tapes have been found to have EVP voices on them, without having been previously inserted into a recorder. The actual method of the sending of EVP voices remains unknown. Television sets, while turned off, have had faces of the deceased plainly visible, as if the set were on. Telephone calls with the caller having the voice and knowledge of a deceased individual have been heavily documented. Phone calls and text messages have been sent to cell phones which have no SIM card to properly receive calls, but do receive the anomalous calls. We simply do not know, at this time, exactly how these events occur or are possible. In paranormal research. It is the reporting of these cases that is important. These and similar phenomena are reported by individuals who have never met or known each other, and live thousands of miles apart, and often hundreds of years. Yet the reports remain consistent. Case studies, in volume and over time, allow for hypotheses and theories. It is in this simple interests of reporting that this section is included.

The Ovilus is a device that intercepts EMF signals, and converts them to audio, from an internal dictionary of over 2,000 words. It is theorized that discarnate entities may be able to INFLUENCE, under some circumstances, this word selection process. It is not thought, in the majority, that these entities may exert 100% CONTROL over the word selection, and simple research and listening to the output of the device verifies this, to the normal and reasonable individual. It is also noted that coincidence may play a part in the process, with the probability of about 1 in 2.047, in getting a correct response to a direct question. It is only in the long term studies, with consistent reporting, that more exacting theories regarding coincidence versus influence may be formulated. Probability, from a math standpoint, rises sharply as valid answers are observed in larger quantity, over a brief period of time and small number of total responses. For example, the probability of getting two correct responses in a row is 1 in 4,190,209. (1/2047 x 1/2047) This assumes there is only one correct response per each individual question. The manufacturer of the Ovilus device indicates at the present time, there is insufficient data, science, and case study to indicate the Ovilus data should be evidential. This author agrees. This case study is not presented as hard evidence. It is presented so that others may have and consider its merits, or lack thereof. If no reporting is made, no theories may be formulated, or
comparisons made with other reports to study correlations, if any.



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