Please take the time to read these great paranormal-related books. They are filled with helpful information that can aid you in this field.


Paranormal Uncensored

Paranormal Uncensored: A Raw Look at Louisiana Ghost Hunting

by Brad Duplechien


Part tell all, part how-to, part history, Brad Duplechien delivers an enjoyable read, told in only the colorful fashion he knows how. Click the book image to your left for a full review and purchasing information!

Ghosts GHOSTS: True Encounters with the World Beyond
by Hans Holzer

Visit hundreds of haunted places around the world, learn how to make contact with the "other side", read about ghostly manifestations of all kinds, and see rare genuine photographs of ghosts and spirits and find out how these apparitions were
captured on film. Nearly 800 pages of great information!

Stories in Stone: A Field Guide to Cemetery Symbolism and Iconography

by Douglas Keister

Awesome illustrated resource book for cemetery sleuths that decodes the meanings of all the symbols youre likely to encounter, including: plants, animals, the human body,
tradesman's tools, religious icons, secret society emblems, fraternal organization insignias, tokens, and death seals.


Gumbo Ya-Ya: A Collection of Louisiana Folk Tales

by Lyle Saxon

This book discusses the vast area we know as Louisiana culture. Everything from werewolves, voodoo, fais do-do, creole and cajun lifestyles, this book has it all. Definitely one of my most favorite books I have ever read! Highly recommended!


The Prefect Medium: Photography and the Occult

by Clement Cheroux

n the early days of photography, many believed and hoped that the camera would prove more efficient than the human eye in capturing the unseen. Spiritualists and animists of the nineteenth century seized on the new technology as a method of substantiating the existence of supernatural beings and happenings. This fascinating book assembles more than 250 photographic images from the Victorian era to the 1960s, each
purporting to document an occult phenomenon: levitations, apparitions, transfigurations, ectoplasms, spectres, ghosts, and auras. Drawn from the archives of European and American occult societies and private and public collections, the photographs in many cases have never before been published.



by Thomas B. Allen

The true story that inspired the movie The Exorcist, this book tells the real life story of a 14 year old Maryland boy and the Exorcism that was performed on him. The last 30+ pages are the actual diary of the priest who performed the exorcism! A MUST READ!!!


FEAR: A Ghost Hunter's Story by

Kriss Stephens

Cemeteries, abandoned asylums, prisons, ships, hospitals, battlefields, caves, mines, office buildings, and homes are the sites of paranormal occurrences in this collection of stories from a ghost hunter by trade. Beginning with a childhood spent in a haunted house, this personal account includes episodes from traveling and exploring haunted places, including stories of hearing disembodied voices, watching balls of dancing light, and being physically injured by spirits. The stories are corroborated by other participants in the ghost hunts as well as photographs. Guidelines for aspiring ghost hunters and tips for capturing apparitions on film are included.


The Parapsychologist Handbook

by Loyd Auerbach

This book is the unsurpassed "bible" of how to investigate haunting cases by the knowledgable director of the Office of Paranormal Investigations, Loyd Auerbach. It is witty, well-written, and gives an accurate and entertaining account of basic concepts such as the types of ESP, how to differentiate a ghost from a haunting, and identifying fraud. Though hard to find, this book is a real must read for anyone at all interested in the subject.

PI The Paranormal Investigator's Handbook
by Valerie Hope & Maurice Townsend

A practical introduction to many unexplained phenomena  from ghosts and poltergeists to ley lines and out-of-body experiences. This book gives an informed overview of the current methods of research used by real-life investigators.
Real Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places
by Brad Steiger

The culmination of Steiger's 50 years of paranormal research, Real Ghosts is a bold telling of true ghost stories and first-person encounters. It is also a comprehensive classification of the spirit world touching on time travel and parallel universes,
presenting the full range of ghostly manifestations and haunted locations.



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