LaSpirits TV

In collaboration with the Acadiana Open Channel Network in Lafayette, we are proud to unveil "Louisiana Spirits TV"! The show is a first of its kind for the state, as we will bring you documented proof of paranormal activity from some of our best investigations in and around Acadiana.

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Top News

  • -GeoSpirits: Our interactive haunted locations map is now online!

-We have now expanded to a much needed NOLA Chapter!


-Check out this awesome news story, as LaSpirits assist local law enforcement in solidifying the arrest of a murderer/rapist!

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Latest Updates

Last updated on: December 16, 2014

Note on Membership

We are currently seeking new potential members for the Central and our new NOLA Chapter. For more info, e-mail

New Investigations Added!

T'Frere's B&B, Logan Mansion, Shreveport, Sarepta and Benton Private Residence Investigations added!

New Members Added!

Welcome William Maxwell Wallace, Jodie Smith, Julie St. Amant and Tricia Reed to Louisiana Spirits!